Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pants Over Easy

Something in the City I, II and III by Pants

Cheers Panty Pals. I've been driven demented trying to overcome the design flaws in the latest version of Blogger for months now. Finally I discovered an option to revert to 'old editor'. Figuring I never used to have trouble, I'm giving it a spin. If I end up with a minestrone of fonts and annoying little carrot symbols everywhere, I'm giving up on the sod for good.

I had a lovely and incredibly funny post written which I had to abandon because I somehow ended up blanking out half of it and then couldn't find any text in the 4.7 kilometres of html code. So there'll be no stylistic embellishments here and if the post turns out to be 2pt Sanskrit then I'm afraid I can do nothing about it.

Ms O'Dyne recently sent me an old Penguin copy of Room at the Top. The first paragraph concludes,

I remember saying to myself : 'No more zombies, Joe, no more zombies'.

This will form the basis for my New Year's resolution.

Above please find evidence, if ever it were needed, of the final stages of a mind in disintegration.

Must go now. Barney's making me eggs Vladivostok for brunch.